Tom brady

Many people wondered how Tom Brady recovered after undergoing knee surgery that left him out for the entire 2008-2009 season. It started well against Buffalo, but no one expected the Bills to be good, so that wasn’t a huge surprise. In weeks 2 to 5 he played poor or average. Many fantasy football owners were beginning to worry. I made […]

Old movies are better!

Old movies are better. I’m not sure why. They are usually in black and white. Actors tend to be overly dramatic. The special effects are not up to the current “tobacco”. But still, old movies are the best. Well, not all old movies. Some are rubbish. Actors: Woody Allan, June Allison, Fred Astaire, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Wallace Barry, Humphrey […]

The pros and cons of eBay

As effective as eBay is, it has its pros and cons. In today’s world, people find e-commerce extremely useful. With busy schedules and tons of work to be done in less than 24 hours, almost everyone prefers to shop online. Hence, eBay is extremely popular with the masses. The simple fact that one can buy things without moving a muscle […]

Eclectic Spanish Colonial Design

An old colonial home with refined taste and a touch of carefree vintage charm. The combination of old rustic patina doors and fresh clean lines, a blend of antique and modern, results in an exceptionally curated home that is incredibly eclectic and beautiful. Renovating an old Spanish house from the 19020s completely upside down, but keeping all the original details […]

The first rule of the sale: people do not like to be sold

The first and most fundamental selling rule is that people don’t like being sold. It’s a paradox: people buy things all the time. Trillions of dollars’ worth of products and services are bought and sold, in stores, by mail, on the Internet. So how come people don’t like being sold when obviously so much happens? The answer is that they […]

Playing computer games for babies: the new tradition between parents and children?

Imagine hugging your toddler together to look at a picture book that is interactive, musical, responsive, and talks to you? This is the experience that people are having who are engaged in that relatively new hobby: playing computer games with babies. JumpStart’s Knowledge Adventure calls it “lapware,” the Kiddies Games logo is “Hop on the lap and tap,” and Sesame […]

Gaming Laptops: What Screen Resolution Should I Get?

Most of the time, this question about screen or screen resolution is often overlooked when a potential buyer is considering a gaming laptop. Everyone is concerned about the type and level of performance of the graphics and the processor or the amount of RAM that the laptop has installed. However, if your laptop is not the best or correct resolution, […]