Can caffeine influence the sex of your baby?

There can be many reasons why a couple wants to choose the sex of their baby.

There may be reasons related to the health potential of the newborn, depending on the gender, or they may wish to have a small family and only want a boy and a girl.

Possibly, as in my case, you already have a tribe of boys only and would love to have a little girl to complete your family. Whatever the reason, it’s very important to make sure that she will be extremely happy with her newborn, regardless of whether or not she gets the sex she wants.

There are many different techniques and theories for choosing the sex of your baby, and one is the effect of caffeine on conceiving a baby.

Now I must first stress that the caffeine theory of trying to choose the sex of your baby is aimed at the father – it is not recommended that a woman drink coffee or other high caffeinated beverages as this impedes female fertility.

Even just one or two cups a day are reported to reduce the chances of conception by 10 percent.

To conceive a boy, the egg must be fertilized by the ‘Y’ chromosome, which is faster and more active than the ‘X’ or girl chromosome. Even though both types will be revved up by the father taking caffeine before intercourse, it will give the boy’s sperm a show-off and a better chance of reaching the egg, as they normally tire quickly and don’t go the distance.

Studies have also shown that caffeine will, in fact, increase the rate of sperm production in men more than it will increase sperm production in women.

To apply this theory, the father should drink a couple of cups of strong coffee 15-30 minutes before having sex. If you don’t like to drink coffee, other forms of caffeine are fine, for example strong black tea.

Please note that a high-caffeine food or beverage is not recommended for long-term use.

This is just a little theory about how to choose the sex of your baby, and although no natural technique can guarantee you the sex of your choice, it is possible to increase your chances of planning the sex of your baby naturally and have up to a 90% chance. chances of having the sex of your choice.

Good luck!

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