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What is a Brazilian blowout? Are you really safe from BKT?

What is a Brazilian blowout? This is a very important question if you are one of the many women looking to get their hair done with this type of treatment. This article will help you understand more about it and hopefully you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to pursue.

Women go to great lengths to stay in shape, have great skin, and just to look great. The products and treatment solutions that help you achieve all of that and more are truly heaven sent! But what if it raises your health problems and actually causes you more harm than good? Would it still be worth looking pretty if you end up sick and helpless?

It is your business and you have every right to know the facts related to a Brazilian blowout. It is sure to give you hair without frizz, soft and manageable as always. It is also performed in almost every salon and thousands of women have likely received this hair treatment.

The Brazilian Blowout process basically consists of washing your hair and then applying it with the keratin solution, formula, substance or chemical, as it should be aptly called. It will then be blow-dried and then your hair will be ironed to seal in the chemicals with extreme heat. Your hair will be washed and dried again afterwards.

Now this is the part where it all gets interesting and serious enough for you to worry. You would not know exactly what the treatment contains unless you analyze it in a laboratory. Even if everyone says it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, would you wait for the side effects to appear? And what the heck is formaldehyde? It is a chemical that is used in wood products, textiles, plastics, and dyes. Simply put, it is a health risk to be exposed.

Some people would simply dismiss this crucial fact and still suffer a Brazilian explosion. Let me remind you that what you learned here is not even half of what you really should know about the Brazilian Blowout. Please think twice before considering having one. It would also be best if you go through some Brazilian Blowout reviews initially to get the most feedback and arm yourself with all the necessary data on this hair treatment trend.

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